There are heaps of opportunities to volunteer in Chorlton, with all sorts of groups. You could help in a Charity shop, join a society and take an active part in organising events, help keep the parks and the Meadows in good order – you name it, you can do it in Chorlton. The Open Up magazine has a great listing of activities and groups – you can find this in many of the shops in Chorlton or in the Library.  The most difficult part of volunteering is taking the first step and making contact with a group – once you have done this, though, you will be assured of a warm welcome.

If you have any specific interests and are not sure where to start, contact us and we can maybe give you some ideas.

If you would like to volunteer with Chorlton Voice or with the Chorlton Arts Festival please contact chair@chorltonvoice.org or events@chorltonarts.org