Chorlton Metro Lift Shaft

An artist, Caroline Daly has been appointed to paint a mural on the lift shaft. We are hoping this will be completed during the summer.

We are working with Transport for Greater manchester and Metrolink to turn the grey dismal lift shaft into a piece of public art.

To submit a proposal to paint the mural please download proposal form and return to by January 31st 2023. Any enquiries please contact

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deadline? 31st January 2023 (please note a previous version of the proposal form had the wrong date on it)

Is it just the top areas in area 1 and 2 or the whole of each wall? It is the top third of area 1 (dark grey section) and the full length of area 2 (dark and light grey sections).

Do you have dimensions? No but we have asked the question and will update here if we find out

Do you have square-on photos ? No, I’m afraid not

Is this a paid job? Yes we have a budget – please see the information on the proposal form.

How much engagement is expected with the steering group and will they want further updates of the proposed design if they don’t quite like the proposal(s) made?  It is possible that the steering group will ask for some clarification – it depends how detailed the example is. It will be up to you to provide  any further clarification or not.

Three proposals is a lot to ask – do we need to send in three?  The call is for UP to three. One would be enough. We will have to send through three examples to TfGM with a recommendation – this could be three from one artist or one each from three artists.

How much engagement is expected with TfGM on H&S? Will they expect method statements and risk assessments etc to be approved by them? Almost certainly they will need H and S to be agreed – they are very concerned about this and will need informaiton anot only about H&S for the artist but also how passenger flows can be kept up safely while the work is in progress. Their form on the call should enable you to tell them about method. This is a first for TfGM and they do need a lot of information and assurances but will be happy to discuss with the selected artist.

Is access equipment provided or to be budgeted for? Not provided for.

Is the artist expected to maintain the murals or paint over it at some point and is there an additional budget for that? We and TfGM will need be satisfied re maintenance. If you think this will need a separate budget, we’d advise you make this clear on your costings.

Will you choose different artists for each of the walls? No – the project is an integrated one. One artist for both walls so designs should blend

Is there a different budget for each of the walls? No the budget is for both walls – top third of the road side wall and full length of the wall next to where passengers walk