Bulletin April 2020

Chorlton Voice Bulletin April (1) April 3rd 2020

Here is some more information for you that you may not be getting from elsewhere. Please do pass on to others.

We hope you are still keeping well and keeping talking, one way or another!

Carolyn, Chair@chorltonvoice.org  0161 881 6887

Listen to the birds sing

Have you noticed how many more birds you can hear, now that vehicular traffic is less? I heard a radio programme that suggested that some of the birds that keep away from us in urban areas may come nearer now everything is quieter. Great!

Manchester Libraries

Manchester Libraries have a new newsletter, to be found at https://manclibraries.blog/2020/04/03/new-format-library-newsletter/ . In the current edition there is information about ebooks, virtual reading groups, learning new computer skills, free digital newspapers and magazines and more.

They also remind us that the National Theatre is having weekly streaming of performances – go to https://tinyurl.com/rh9pmce . They also have other performances that can be viewed for free.

On the matter of all things audio, BBC Sounds has podcasts of readings, including the latest Hilary Mantel book – to be found at https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/series/m000gbff

Manchester Support Line: 0800 234 6123

If you are over 70 and self isolating with  little support, then the Manchester Support Hub should be able to help. Primary needs that call handlers can help with are:

  • Delivery of food
  • Delivery of medication
  • Combating loneliness
  • Managing fuel top-up payments

The Hub’s freephone number is: 0800 234 6123 and lines are open Monday to Saturday, between 8.30am and 5.30pm. The helpline is being operated by redeployed Manchester City Council staff.

What if you become vulnerable or know of people who are?

If you have concerns that someone may be vulnerable, or could potentially become vulnerable in the weeks ahead due to having limited connections/family support, please contact the Care Navigator Service and /or Be Well:

Notices from the Chorlton Park Councillors – Mandie, Joanna and Dave

Getting Up to date Information

To keep in touch with local developments we really do recommend that you sign up to regular email updates from the council. Just copy and paste  the link below into google. Please do share what you learn with friends and neighbours who aren’t on social media.


This way you will have the best up to date useful and helpful information –  about the virus; help to manage your mental health whilst staying home; how and where to volunteer; and how to get support if you yourself are vulnerable – right down to the all-important bin collections.


And on that one – hope fully you will already have seen that next week, for one week only (starting Monday 6 April), in response to feedback from councillors and residents, there will be one final green bin collection. Put out your green bin instead of your brown. After that the green bin collection will be suspended, so please put your food waste in your compost bin or grey bin if necessary. This is so that that the essential grey bin collections can continue for everyone, at a time of inevitably high levels of sickness and self- isolation in the BIFFA teams.

We are still here for you…

As your councillors we, too, of course, are staying at home. You may not see us, but we are still here for you. So if you have any particular queries or worries or concerns about local issues, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by email or phone – we are regularly checking in.

Our contact details are:

Mandie Shilton Godwin 07834 869204 cllr.m.shiltongodwin@manchester.gov.uk

Dave Rawson 07904947851 cllr.d.rawson@manchester.gov.uk

Joanna Midgley 07795 635059 cllr.j.midgley@manchester.gov.uk

Please stay safe and look after yourselves and your families

Interested in Volunteering?

MACC are looking for people to register their interest in becoming a volunteer:


If you are a group / organisation and require would benefit from the help of to support your work, you can log the support you need here: https://www.manchestercommunitycentral.org/coronavirus-advice-and-resources/covid-19-support-voluntary-sector-organisations.

Your needs will matched to those people who have signed up to volunteer.

Volunteering in Hospitals

The Hospitals have also put out a call for volunteers to do all sorts of things, including administrative support, ward support: comforting patients, re-stocking shelves, helping with mealtimes, brewing up for clinical teams; pharmacy support with collections.

If you are, or know of anyone in good health, aged 18-69 who would like to volunteers, ask them to contact volunteer.services@mft.nhs.uk  or email to volunteer.services@mft.nhs.uk

Not just clapping but singing for the NHS

Thursdays at 8pm people across Chorlton and further afield have been clapping from their windows, balconies or gateposts for NHS and care staff. This week singing was added, and in some parts of Chorlton renditions of the Beatles’ song ‘I’ll get by with a little help from my friends’ could be heard.

Next week? Who knows, but keep your eye on the Chorlton corona virus facebook page

https://www.facebook.com/groups/chorltoncovidresponse/ . On this site you can find your nearest Street connector – if you haven’t already, do make contact with them. Or if there is not one near you, why not start a street group?

So – Keep talking, especially to anyone you know who doesn’t have many people to talk to. And we hope you all keep safe and well and manage to get some of the weekend’s sunshine.

Chorlton Voice Committee.

c/o chair@chorltonvoice.org

2 thoughts on “Bulletin April 2020

  1. Please could someone advise me. I wrote to the council about the new house on Brookburn Road that looks like a barn which can now be seen from the bottom of Beech Road. They said the local civic society approved and welcomed the building saying it would enhance the area. They also said it was no taller than that what was there before. Please is it true that the civic fully agreed with the large house especially. Also I recall a single story building not what looks like an enormous barn. I can’t find the minutes of meetings, probably looking in the wrong place, hence this message. I’ll still make the point about size but want to check about the Civics response. All the best.


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