March 2020 Bulletin

Chorlton Voice Bulletin. March 2020

 Keep talking!

The impact of the Coronavirus is escalating, and more and more of us are staying at home. We hope you are well and continue to be so – don’t forget, if you are staying in, to try and keep talking in some form or another.

Across Chorlton there are street level groups offering help and support. You may have already been contacted, but if not, and you are a Facebook user, you can find information and contacts for a group near you at

Or there is an interactive map created by former Secretary of CV, Phil Robinson with the details on at

If you are not a Facebook user, contact us and we may be able to put you in touch with a ‘street connector’ near you.

We don’t know how long this will all go on, but if other countries are anything to go by it may be several months. Chorlton Voice has always been a friendly, supportive group and even if members don’t know each other very well, we still support each other. There is enormous strength in ‘weak ties’, not just in close friendships or family.

Some members may be confused about what we are being told or may begin to feel lonely as  confinement to our homes continues.

We know that there are lots of people offering help (us included), but we also know that it is much, much harder to ask for help.  PLEASE ASK!

Please do get in touch if you would like a regular email or telephone conversation with a Chorlton Voice member, or need some kind of assistance.  In times of isolation we do need to keep talking somehow.

We know it is hard, but PLEASE ASK.

Contact Carolyn on or 0161 881 6887

Cath Brownhill : 07722958541 or 0161 881 1941

Mary McGovern:  077911 78011

Frontline workers

If you are a health worker, or care worker, and feeling overwhelmed by your daily experiences or the expectations laid upon you, and would like a friendly ear to listen, then please contact us. Contact Carolyn on or 0161 881 6887



There’s now a scaled-up central system for volunteering to help in Manchester during the corona crisis, which will sit alongside street support groups (many people may be in both)*.This is being coordinated by Manchester Community Central (Macc) who will match people up with needs in support services across the city.

👉Go here if you wish to volunteer your services

👉Go here if your organisation wants to request help.

If you volunteer you will be asked a series of questions  including whether you have an up to date security check (known as a DBS check).

‘The team are working with community groups to assess what their needs are, in order to direct appropriate volunteers into roles where the need is greatest’.

Events and Cancellation of Meetings

Along with everyone else we have cancelled forthcoming meetings and activities:

·       The April Bring and Share Social is cancelled, and so is the May meeting (due on 12th May). We may have to cancel the July meeting too, but will let you know at a later date.

·       We have cancelled this year’s Arts Festival and will plan for next year’s  from 15-23rd May. We are looking into the possibility of putting on a virtual Arts Festival.

·       CPR training will be postponed.

·       The Exhibition that the Chorlton and Whalley Range Dementia Action Group was planning in the Library has been postponed.

·       The Chorlton Alliance meetings have been postponed.

·       The Chorlton Park Climate Action meeting on 26th March has been cancelled

·       The Chorlton Climate Action bid to the Lottery is still in progress, contact if you would like to be actively involved in the bid preparation

·       The meeting of the South Manchester civic Societies and the AGM of the NW Associaiton of Civic Trust and Societies have all been postponed.

·       All our planned visits are off for the moment.


We will continue to look at planning applications lest some unscrupulous folk try to slip in unacceptable plans during the crisis. The Committee will be meeting via video conference, rather than face to face.

We will probably issue more bulletins than usual and hope this is OK with you. In the meantime we are in regular contact with our members who do not use email.

Library: message from Manchester Libraries

Don’t have a Manchester Libraries card but want to borrow our ebooks? You can now sign up to borrowbox without needing to visit the library – just register on the link below and use the number you are given when opening up their site.


Please get in touch if you would anything from, or to contribute to Chorlton Voice.

In solidarity with you all at this difficult time,

The Chorlton Voice Committee.

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